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1. Initial Assessment

In our initial assessment, we will go over your individual goals and create a step-by-step program. We will discuss your exercise and health history, and learn about your lifestyle so we can create a  plan that will work for you. All bodies are unique, which is why an assessment is necessary.

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4. Motivation & Accountability

Just because your training is online and easily-accessible, doesn't meant that we're leaving you in the dark. With online training, you get weekly check-ins with your personal training coach. We focus on smart programming and progressive training, so you'll always be progressing. No plateauing!

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2. Custom Training Program


Your custom training program will include frequency, volume, and intensity levels that match your goals and fitness level. Training programs should progress and change as you improve.


5. Access 
to Your Coach

Have a question about your plan? Not sure if that frozen yogurt fits into your nutrition guidelines? You'll always have messaging access to your coach if you're feeing lost, or if you need a little encouragement. 

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3 Nutrition 

No fad diets here! Our nutrition plans are created to fit your lifestyle. Meal frequency, optimal calorie/macronutrient distribution, and tracking methods will be determined and formatted specifically to your body and goals.  

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6. Online is Easy

We make online training simple. You'll receive easy-to-interpret training schedules, a free phone app to track your diet and training, and your coach will review workout videos so that they can assess your form and technique!

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