Our Trainers Are NASM certified and take a scientific approach to training. Each program is built so that we can gage your progress. This means that you won't have any "random workouts". Each workout is built so that by the end of a training block, we can clearly see progress.


Fitness Professionals


Head Trainer: NASM, CPR, & Nutrition Certified


I was born and raised in the cold and beautiful state of Maine. Thanks to hibernating in the gym while the long winters passed, I discovered a passion for fitness. I tried everything from personal training regimens, to CrossFit group classes, to powerlifting, to other standardized gym routines, and through my workout adventures have discovered great ways to reach fitness goals. In 2016, I began working as an independent personal trainer. In the first few years of my business, my schedule became packed with clients. I started Counterculture Coaching (Formerly Meg Yvonne Fitness), so that I could help more people attain their goals by bringing on board other certified and accomplished trainers. 

Myself and my fellow trainers pride ourselves in a scientific and structured approach to training. Something that fits into your life, is enjoyable, and has long-term results. 

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” - Zig Ziglar

Favorite Food: Does coffee count? 

Favorite Vacation: Switzerland, without question. Beyond beautiful.

Favorite Pastime: Hiking, or anything outdoors and active!

Instagram: @megyvonne

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