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How to Create Long-term Success With Weight Loss

We've all tried diets, with varying degrees of success, and I suppose it's a great way to figure out what does and doesn't work... But why go through the trial and error if you don't have to?

Statistically most people gain all of the weight back, and then some, after finishing a diet. I want to change that statistic, and I'll need your help! Share this post or chat with an accountability partner, and get them to try one or two of these tricks with you! Let's change that number!

Here are 5 less common tips to create long term success with your nutrition.

1. Don't restrict food groups or use "good or bad" foods. No food is evil and no food is magical. All foods contain nutrients... Some contain very little and some contain quite a lot more. Aim for those that give you more nutrients and eat the "low nutrient" foods less often. I find the less we categorize foods as good and evil, the less we tend to crave the "evil" ones. Nothing is off limits, unless you're allergic. BUT that does not mean that 100% of your diet can come from sugar. Moderation... More on this below.

2. Moderation is important. Sometimes this goes back to childhood or people have legitimate eating disorders, etc... Food "issues" can go quite deep. If you think you might be struggling with an eating disorder, go see a specialist. Even if it's to prove yourself wrong! There is absolutely nothing wrong with chatting to a specialist about this. I have done it and many others have too. Now back to moderation. This is a simple trick I use for the majority of my clients. Start with one small serving, and go back for seconds if you are hungry/want them. That's it! Simple... Seconds are totally okay! Get in the habit of making each serving small. There is nothing wrong with more than one serving if you're hungry. The problem is when we fill out plates buffet style and end up eating it all mindlessly, or because it is in front of us. The simple act of the decision to go back for more food will often time lead you to think and realize that honestly you don't want seconds or thirds.

3. Go for low hanging fruits. If have a food that you LOVE and cant seem to stop eating, and it is your "stress food", don't take that away first! Many people go to their biggest thing and try to change it. And don't get me wrong, in some cases for the sake of health, it is necessary. Most times though it can lead to constant little failures and "relapses". So go for the low hanging fruit... Put a little less cream in your coffee, don't grab that chocolate while in line at the bank, don't have your routine afternoon snack if you're not hungry. Those little things will likely add up to "more" than your big thing, and with WAY less stress.

4. Start moving. Adding an extra 200-300 calories of exercise through walking or getting your steps in daily can help a lot with keeping your daily calorie expenditure high and stress levels low. That means less calories to cut from your diet (less calories to cut equals more food!)... So good, good, and better! But seriously, walking is really important for longevity, etc., You've heard it all before.


  1. Park further away from the store.

  2. Take the stairs.

  3. Go for a 5-10 min walk after every meal.

  4. Make a habit of doing an evening walk to calm down for the night. If you live in a super hot/cold climate do some yoga or hop on a treadmill and put on some calming music.

5. Get a blood test! Seriously it's a great way to tell what things you need to work on, and it's important to know. Bring it to your doc, ask a professional, or do some good ole' googling. It can help give you some really track-able measures to go by.

There are lots of tips and hacks but these are five that I tell to many of my clients. Pick one or two to try.

Focus on long-term success and your short-term goals will get accomplished as a result.

Enjoy this adorable bunny eating lettuce...

Disclaimer: If your doctor has you on a diet or something specific please follow it.

If you have done some common "crash diets" and they worked for you, AWESOME. Keep with it.

This is advice that will work most people, and especially those who have a hard time sticking to crash diets or want a more balanced approach to nutrition with less guidelines and restrictions.

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