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Switching up Training

Consistency is key, motivation will leave, pick a specific goal, etc. All things we hear being in the fitness world or when starting your fitness journey.

Why don't we ever see - What to do when you hit "burnout", after you hit your goal, how to be okay with not progressing numerically, how to pick a goal when I want to do fifteen things, etc.

Well, There is no fix all, but here are some tips and words of advice.

  1. You will hit burnout. If you train long enough you will hit a point where you're feeling burnt out. Two things here. First off, ride it out. Sometimes life stresses just need to come down a little bit for you to enjoy your training again. Second, change up training styles. There is no one best way. Try a different sport, pick a competition, drop your days in the gym down. Sometimes we just need to pressure off your lifting to push past burnout.

  2. Progression is never linear. Weight loss, weight gain, numbers on the bar, etc. You will have times where you plateau. It's just part of fitness. Keep trucking through it and you'll come out of it.

  3. Break up your year. I am guilty of trying to do 10 sports at once. It makes it hard to progress in any of them, because you're being pulled in so many different directions. So.... You've gotta pick. Either stick to one or two sports that you can progress in. Or continue to do all the sports, knowing that you wont progress as fast as you would if you picked one goal. I chose to do 10 sports and progress more slowly. Because for me personally, I enjoy doing a ton of things that bring me joy.... That's my way of avoiding burnout. Especially during the summer!

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