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Tips for Staying on Track With Nutrition While Traveling

"It’s like the old adage says, failing to plan is planning to fail. "

Whether you love the adventure or it’s simply become a part of your job, we all can admit that it’s hard to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle while on the road. Even the best of intentions can fly out the window after an eighteen-hour day of flight delays, screaming children kicking the back of your seat, and a rumbling stomach as fatigue takes over you. You’re only human, and a burger starts to sound downright amazing after a stressful day of traveling before you faceplant onto your pillow in your hotel room.

It’s like the old adage says, failing to plan is planning to fail. Instead of succumbing to the siren call of a mound of fries or greasy, cheesy pizza at your favorite chain, instead keep these tricks up your sleeve to ward off any little temptations that may try to derail you on your next business trip.

Pack Satisfying, Non-Perishable Snacks

I have to say it: please don’t be that guy peeling hard boiled eggs or eating tuna on the plane. However, that doesn’t mean that you should have to go without easy, satisfying, filling snacks when you travel. Bring an assortment with you to make sure you have something to scratch every craving you may have. An apple travels well, and so do baby carrots. Reach for pre-measured bags of mixed nuts (such as almonds) if you have trouble with portion control... Jerky and protein bars do well in a pinch, too.

Do a Lap around the Terminal

Instead of making a beeline for the closest fast food joint, instead take the time to stretch your legs and go for a quick walk around the terminal to see what your options are. Of course, if you’re on a short layover, you may have to reach for your pre-packed snacks, but if you have the time, get to know what is available before making impulsive decisions. Many terminals have salad bars, or you can get a stir-fry at a Chinese restaurant. Just ask them to go light on the sauce to avoid unnecessary calories.

Know What's by Your Hotel

If you can, get a hotel room with a kitchenette to allow you to prep foods in your room. Even a microwave can be handy for cooking simple meals. Swing by the grocery store before checking into the hotel and stock up on your nutritious favorites. If that’s not a choice, look up nearby restaurants before you leave on your trip. Even if your only choices are fast food, you may be able to cobble together an impromptu meal of a side salad and a grilled chicken wrap if you know ahead of time what’s close.

Staying on track with clean-eating can definitely be a challenge when traveling, but making sure you have easy to grab snacks in your carry-on bag and avoiding rushing into food decisions at either your gate or your destination city can help prevent bad decisions from happening. If you’re looking for a nutrition coach, why not send us a message? We can help you live your healthiest lifestyle -- whether you travel frequently for work or you work from home!

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